Five Easy Tips On Saving Energy At Home

Saving on Power Bills

save money on power bills

Everyone these days is looking for tips on how to save money. Since our homes are our biggest expense, lowering the cost of operating it is a good way to save. Energy expenses like electricity, gas and water account for the largest percentage of the average household budget. Finding creative ways to save energy makes sense when you are trying to cut back on costs. Continue reading

How Coffee and Environmentalism interact

Organic, Fair Trade, Imported, and Shade Grown Coffee

cofee and the environment

One thing many coffee drinkers have in common is a shared love of the environment. As such, many coffee drinkers endeavor to purchase coffee that is produced in an environmentally friendly way, or at the very least, in an organic way. In many cases, this means purchasing coffee with labels such as organic, Fair Trade certified, imported, or shade grown.

But in the end, what do these things mean, and how do they relate to the effect that coffee and coffee farming has on the environment? Read on to find out. Continue reading

How You Can Make 2017 A Little Greener

Coming Up With a Green 2017 Resolution

green nye resolution

2016 was admittedly a rough year for most and as such, many people are looking forward to 2017 in hopes of a brighter future. Well, you can play a large role in that, and a considerable one, in fact.

Now, you may not be able to have an effect on politics or the economy or put an end to terrorism. However, you can play a big part in making sure that Earth is chugging along for just a little bit longer.

If you really are hoping for a better year, try getting family, friends, and even colleagues involved in your conservation attempts. Here are some ways to kickstart 2017 off the right (and green) way. Continue reading

5 Ways Your Veterinary Clinic Can Go Green

Appealing to Environmentally Aware Pet Owners

green and sustainable veterinary practices

The rise of global warming means that we all must do our part in creating a greener planet, whether you’re a homeowner or a small business owner. And the drive to make your surroundings more eco-friendly isn’t just limited to a few obvious businesses, either. Extending through every potential industry, creating and maintaining green practices around the workplace includes making your veterinary practice more sustainable, too.

The task can be done in a wide variety of ways, such as making sure the pet medications you use are sourced from a reliable, ethical pharmacy, all the way to simply reducing the consumption of various medical resources in your practice. Read on to learn a few more ways that you can take your veterinary practice more green. Continue reading

5 Ways You Can Support Eco-Friendly Coffee Growing Efforts

Making Sure Your Coffee Habit Is Conscious

shade grown coffee

We’re inundated with environment and climate-based information everywhere we turn these days, especially when it comes to buying food and beverage items from the supermarket. So what is an eco-conscious person supposed to do, when it comes to wading through the myriad ways in which we’re being marketed to as consumers?

Call all green and sustainable messages really be true? And how can we take the daily habits we have, like drinking a cup of coffee or two, and turn those habits into environmentally conscious habits instead? Read on for a list of 5 easy ways anyone can buy their daily coffee while keeping the environment, the coffee, the coffee growers, and climate change in mind. Continue reading

Like to Gamble? Go Green by Moving Online

Looking for Another Way to Go Green With Your Money?

online gambling for the environment

It’s hard to argue with the appeal of a brick and mortar casino. The bright lights, the cocktail servers in their special outfits, the free drinks, the additional amenities, the extra oxygen pumped through the ventilation system to keep you happy at gambling, all these brilliant bits add up to a great casino experience – one in which you may not really mind parting with most of the contents of your wallet.

But the casino experience comes with a greater expense than you may not have considered: the cost to the environment. Continue reading