A Healthy Home Is a Green Home


Taking Care of Your Home for the Holidays

green healthy home

Making sure your loved ones stay healthy and safe is a central priority for just about every human on the planet. When we conjure up the many threats that face ourselves and those we care about we often believe bad guys, disasters, and other by-products of a big and dangerous world will be to blame. But the best place to start when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of your family is not without, but within the home. Not only are accidental injuries and deaths more likely to happen there than anywhere else, sick building syndrome is becoming a growing problem, especially in America’s urban cores. Luckily there are ways to reduce the effects of SBS and believe it or not, they can leave a home greener than it was before.

The following is a quick list of tips to eliminate sick building syndrome from your home and make it more eco-friendly at the same time. Continue reading

Solar Roofing Gains Popularity With Solar Shingles


New Solar Shingles Pave the Way for Future Solar Growth

solar shingles

Until quite recently, if you wanted to take advantage of the plentiful renewable energy beating down on your rooftop on a daily basis, solar panels were the only way to go.

Photovoltaic panels are still very popular, and for good reason. They’re constantly becoming more efficient and affordable, and today’s solar panels pay for themselves in only a matter of years. They’re now able to take advantage of ambient light, making them a feasible source of electric power in regions not blessed with constant sunlight. Plus, they’re much more environmentally friendly than getting your electricity from coal, and they don’t have the catastrophic risk factors associated with nuclear power plants. Continue reading

Top Recycling Tips for Every Room of Your House


Making Your Life More Eco-Friendly

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The unfortunate truth of today’s society is that whilst awareness of the need to reduce our green footprint is ever growing, the amount of people that are actually taking action isn’t enough.

Did You Know

*The average person generates over 4lbs of rubbish every day and around 1 and a half tons of solid waste per year – this is nearly 2lbs more than we did in 1960!

Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their individual carbon footprint and there are numerous creative and unique ways of doing so. The following article will go through each room of your house, offering guidance and advice to reduce your footprint in your home. Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Business Practices


Getting Your Business to Run Like a Green Machine

green business practices

Increasingly across the globe, more and more people are aware of the need to protect the earth’s fragile environment and to avoid wasting precious resources. In many ways, the responsibility to do so applies more to the “developed” world than to fledgling communities.

The good news is that making a few important choices means it’s possible to apply eco-friendly principles to professional practice, in much the same way as choosing to “go green” is a personal preference. Here are a few tips for making sure a business practice is eco-friendly. Continue reading

A Truly Green Garden – Maintaining an Eco-friendly Garden


How to Get and Stay Eco-friendly Outdoors in the Yard

eco friendly garden

A garden is really an outdoor extension of our home, a way of bringing nature closer to our everyday lives. For those of us who want to think and act more environmentally responsibly, the garden is an excellent place to start – and an eco-friendly garden is not only a practical possibility, it is also highly rewarding.

What Is an Eco-friendly Garden?

An eco-friendly garden is its own living and breathing eco-system. It is a place that attracts birds and other wildlife, which in turn eat unwanted insects so that you don’t need to remove them with harmful pesticides. It takes advantage of what is already there, cultivating native plants and eventually becoming self-sustaining. An eco-friendly garden is a working example of the ‘three R’s’ of green living: it reduces, re-uses, and recycles. Continue reading

6 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Build Your Home From Scratch


Just How Green Is It to Build Your Own Home?

building a home from scratch

Old homes have loads of character and charming architectural details that are hard to find in newly constructed houses. When it’s time to buy a home, many people scoff at the idea of building from scratch, insisting that older homes are not only more appealing than new construction, but are more environmentally friendly because they’re not using resources to build a home from scratch.

But what these individuals don’t realize is that building a new home can, when done properly, be the most green, environmentally sound decision that a home buyer can make.

New, eco-friendly homes have a number of advantages over older homes. Read on for six of the biggest. Continue reading