How to Go Green With Lighting in Your Home

Renewable and Solar Lighting Options for the Home

How to Go Green with Lightbulbs
Everyone understands the concept of mood lighting, but green lighting has yet to be fully realized in most homes. No, we’re not talking about elegant glowing green bulbs or soft green lampshades, either. Your utilities bill could be reduced significantly if you install lighting in your house that is specifically designed to reduce your carbon footprint.

There are numerous options, most of them fairly simple and easy to implement in your daily life. Eco-friendly lighting options are abundant, and will reduce your carbon footprint and whatever associated guilty conscience that you may have, too! Continue reading

The Benefits of Filtering and Purifying Tap Water for Drinking

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint by Filtering Tap Water

plastic water bottles

With only a little bit of practical research online, you will quickly discover that many experts agree — drinking filtered tap water is actually the safest, healthiest way to get your daily required amount of fresh water. And further adding to the allure of  filtered tap water — both the costs associated with, as well as the environmental damage caused by drinking water from plastic water bottles.

Let’s take a look at the downside to drinking from plastic water bottles, as well as the benefits of drinking filtered tap water. It shouldn’t take long to convince you! Continue reading

What Is Composting and Does It Really Work?

Benefits of Composting

how to compost

Composting is the natural process of breaking down organic waste such as leaves, grass trimmings, and food waste into an incredibly useful substance that acts as mulch, fertilizer, and soil all in one.

Backyard composting is extremely beneficial, helping to reduce 30% of the waste flow to landfills and water treatment facilities. While reducing waste, composting also reduces pests (if done correctly), and adds beneficial organisms and moisture back into the soil.

Composting acts as a slow release of nutrients, not only to help plants grow stronger and healthier, but also to turn imbalanced, sandy and or clay soils into healthy gardening options. Its water-retention capabilities and nutrient-rich properties make compost an excellent addition to any garden, big or small. Continue reading

Using Technology to Reduce Energy Costs

Green Gadgets Save the Day by Offering Energy Efficiency for the Home

energy efficiency

For lovers of all things gadgetry, there’s a bit of a potential impasse when it comes to adding one more electronic device to the home or office, while still maintaining a sense of responsibility to the environment and keeping an eye on the power bills that end up in the mailbox. But never fear. The age of the green gadget is here, so collect the gadgets and learn how to save some money on your energy use while you’re at it. Not a bad proposition, then, is it?

If you keep a flash light under the kitchen sink in case of a power outage, then consider replacing the flash light or lantern one you’ve got with an eco-friendly version. Many combine renewable energy sources such as wind-up power and solar cells for recharging. Continue reading

What Are Solar Shingles and How Do They Work?

Solar Shingles Might Be Your Best Option for Going PV

solar shingles

An exciting new technology in the developing solar industry, Solar Shingles provides an enticing alternative to classic Photovoltaic panels. Solar shingles are thinner and more lightweight, blending in with the asphalt shingles already on your roof. For those who want a sleeker look for their home, solar shingles are a great option.

Solar shingles are easy to install, and are as durable as traditional solar systems. And there are few different types of Solar shingles available, as you’ll see in the handy guide below. Continue reading

Basic Components of an Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

What You Need for an Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

solar panel kit

Going Solar is one of the best ways to go green. A solar home is a sustainable home, and solar panels can mean great savings for the homeowner over time. Not only do the panels reduce the amount of energy we buy from the power company, but often those with photovoltaic panels also get credits from the power company, due to their energy surplus.

So what about those of us who want to take it even further?

For those looking to cast off the net of the power companies completely, putting together an off-grid solar system is the way to go. While an off grid system is a serious investment of time and money, the feeling of freedom is incalculable. Continue reading