Growing Fruits and Veggies in an Apartment: It’s Possible!


Growing Food Indoors When You’re Apartment-Bound

 apartment gardening

When you think about apartment gardening, what do you think of? If you’re like most people, you probably picture a tomato plant or two and then a few containers of different herbs and spices. Maybe someone has a couple of flower pots on her balcony.

It’s natural that this is the scene you’d imagine. We’re trained to think of apartment gardening as a very limited hobby. Apartments are famous for being small and having tiny balconies, which can definitely limit a person’s ability to create anything even remotely resembling an extensive garden. But what if we told you that tomatoes aren’t your only option for fruits and veggies?

If you’ve been longing for fresh fruit and veggies but live in an apartment, it is time to stop whining about the produce section at your grocery store and get to work. Here is what you do. Continue reading

How Casinos Are Becoming More Environmentally Friendly


The Environmental Benefit of Virtual Casinos

virtual casino

Casinos are places built so that people can enjoy themselves, and often times this means that there is very little compromise in the way that they are run. This is because in order to give people the best experience, you want them to feel excitement and entertainment at all times.

However, for many casinos, this means using excessive amounts of electricity and natural gas is in order to power everything, for example the huge shows like all of the water fountains that spray thousands of gallons of water during every show. This is not the case with the likes of Lucky Nugget online blackjack, however, as they are much more eco-friendly when compared to a real casino due to them not needing a physical existence in order to entertain millions of people around the world. But many real casinos are starting to fight back by becoming more economically friendly and changing their ways. Continue reading

5 More Ways Your Business Can Go Green


recycle in the office

Applying green practices in everyday business often leads to numerous benefits both internally for your company and for the greater good of the community. Initially, going green helps contribute to a more sustainable planet. By promoting the concept, many businesses also find that they attract more clients or customers. While some implementations may cost money at first, many environmentally friendly practices also provide long-term savings.

Recycle Waste

Consider the number of items found in the office that might have recyclable value. The Clean Air Council provides some amazing facts concerning the amount of waste and recycling performed in the country annually. Producing a ton of paper from recycled products, for example, spares as many as 17 trees and uses a reported 50 percent less water than when the paper was originally manufactured. Whether needing items for storage or shipping, companies that include Container Exchanger provide all types of reusable and recycled containers, such as wooden shipping crates and pallets. Various recycling centers also take everything from batteries to printer ink cartridges. Continue reading

Bring the Outdoors In: Benefits of Plants in the Office


Why You Want Live Plants in Your Home or Office

indoor spider plant

Everybody knows that indoor plants are nice to look at, but they have many benefits that go beyond esthetics. Here are some other compelling reasons to make your office a little greener and healthier — whether it’s in Manhattan, NY, or Sydney, Australia.

Plants Lower Cooling Costs

The process by which plants move water through themselves is called transpiration. Via the root system, water is transported to leaves, stems and flowers, where some of it evaporates.

A happy byproduct of transpiration is that it keeps the atmosphere around the plant cool and humidified. If that atmosphere happens to be an indoor environment such as an office, the result is a lower cooling bill and increased comfort. Continue reading

Sophisticated Fresh Scents for Windowsills


Going Green in the Home: A New Way to Make Things Smell Fresh

fresh home scent ideas

I don’t know what it is about a bright burst of color in a window that makes me immediately (and inexplicably) happier. Add to that a cheerful citrus scent and watch out! Especially on a dreary day when I’m cooped up inside, few things can lighten the mood like a fresh aromatic jar of all-natural goodness and bring the beauty of the outdoors in where it belongs!

To be honest, I’m a scent snob in general. I love candles but not the ones that are too sickly sweet or obviously artificial; same thing with manufactured air fresheners – too ‘manufactured’ and it’s out.

And that’s the problem I’ve been dealing with lately: How can I get the fresh and clean results I do want without the artificial drawbacks (or using the potentially harmful/toxic manufactured chemicals) I don’t? Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Ideas to Advertise Your Green Business


Get More Business… for Your Green Business
Eco-Friendly Ideas To Advertise Your Green Business
Each day, consumers across the globe and country become more aware of the need to protect the earth’s dwindling and precious resources. It is important as a company to make sure that you are on the right side of history, which means paying attention to how you seek publicity for your business. Here are four eco-friendly ideas you might want to consider to advertise your green business in a good light.

Idea 1: Tote canvas bags

The first idea your green business should consider for publicity while preserving our natural resources is the use of custom tote canvas bags with your company logo. These bags can be purchased and printed at minimal cost and can be handed out en masse at public events, such as product fairs, farmer’s markets, and other public gatherings where potential customers and caretakers of the planet are likely to be found. Continue reading