Top 5 Solar Power Companies in Modesto, CA

Life in Modesto Just Got Sweeter: Solar Power Is Here!


There are many good solar power companies in California – but if you live in Modesto, then you have even more options than most cities of comparable size! Solar power is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to save money in your home, while utilizing alternative energy. The panels utilize the natural energy of the sun to power your home utilities. The price of solar panels have reduced drastically in the past few years, and yield homeowners up to $200/month in savings.

We have assembled a list of the top 5 companies that provide solar power services in Modesto such as solar panel installation, evaluation, and excellent quotes. Enjoy!

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How to Go Green When You Buy Local Produce

It’s Not Just About Hitting the Local Farmers Market


Remember, we can all do our part to save the planet, and it doesn’t just come down to utilizing the magical powers of alternative energy resources such as solar power panels and green lightbulbs. Another often overlooked way that you can go green and help save the planet is by shopping for and eating local produce, wherever you may be living.

In recent years, the local farm to table (or farm to fork) movement has pushed local farmers and producers into the limelight. The movement began as a backlash against the increase of genetically modified foods, and took on greater momentum as eating locally produced food just makes sense to a wide spectrum of people. After all, local, fresh foods are also just better for your health. Here are a few more of the wonderful benefits that eating locally grown produce has.

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Top 5 Solar Power Panels That Every Homeowner Should Know About

Are You in the Market for Solar Panels?

One of the easiest and best ways to go green in your home and lifestyle is to invest in renewable energy in the form of solar power panels. They are financially beneficial to your life in that they will reduce the cost of your utilities bill and improve the functionality of your home, and that’s just the start of the benefits.

There are multiple options to choose from, but the options can definitely be overwhelming. The solar panel reviews have been calculated based on the amount of energy that is converted from sunlight per unit of surface area in the panel, and how it contributes to the solar power panel’s efficiency. With that in mind, here are five of the best ones out there.

Solar panel against blue sky

Solar panel against blue sky

[Photo Via: Daro Family]

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7 Amazing California Rebates for Solar Energy You Need to Know About

Living in CA? Here’s the Solar Incentives That Matter Most

california solar incentives

There are a multitude of benefits to going solar in your home. By installing solar power panels and decreasing your energy spending in other ways, you save money, decrease your carbon footprint, and help battle against the armageddon-esque effects of global warming. There are also some fiscal benefits that many lucky Californians get to take advantage of!

California’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requires all utilities in the state to source 33% of their electrical generation from renewable resources by 2020. Thanks, Terminator! Here are a few amazing rebates for solar energy you need to know about. Continue reading

How to Have a Safe and Happy, Eco-Friendly Halloween

Can Halloween Be Environmentally Friendly?

Halloween pumpkins

Halloween is a fun holiday where we can eat all of the candy we want and dress up in weird and funky costumes to scare each other. Along with any celebratory time, however, the holiday can also present special challenges. People can grow raucous and demanding, especially when blood sugar spikes and then ebbs, due to an excess of Snickers bars! It is possible to have fun and remain safe and eco-friendly on Halloween, just like any other day.

The typical Halloween traditional, of course, it to decorate your yard with ghosts, orange lights, and all manner of spooky paraphernalia. But in truth, this amounts to a load of plastic waste and electricity usage. This year, try to avoid turning your yard into a graveyard full of evil spiders or Grim Reapers, if you can help it. You can be festive without being wasteful!

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5 Interesting Solar Projects Currently Under Construction in California

California’s Solar Connection: First in the Country

sunrise power california

California is one of the foremost states to implement alternative energy sources, especially when it comes to solar power. And there are many projects currently underway that are noteworthy and interesting, specifically from the consumer’s perspective.

As a state, California is well on its way to achieving the goals set out by the California Renewable Energy Program. And so with multiple projects going on in the state of California when it comes to renewables, here we take a look at the most current solar power related projects in the state.
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