What Size PV System Do I Need to Power My Family’s Home?


Just How Much Solar Power Does It Take?

solar power system output

Now that you’ve decided to make the switch to solar power, you have some important choices to make. Photovoltaic (PV) panels can be a substantial investment, but no one wants to end up with an energy shortage because they didn’t invest enough.

Fortunately, there are a few simple signs to help you navigate the balance between sticker price and energy output. Continue reading

How Do I Know if I Can Install Solar Panels on My Home’s Roof?


Can Every Roof Handle Solar PV Panels? solar panels on spanish tile roof

For most people, purchasing and owning their home is the most important investment they will ever make. In some cases, they treat the home as a major investment that needs plenty of tending to; but for others, doing any major renovations to an already expensive home might be daunting. For any homeowner looking to go green, installing Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof is a big step.

Before moving ahead on a project of this scale, some important information gathering is required. Here are a few guidelines to point you in the right direction when you think you may be ready to install solar panels on your home’s roof. Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly Around the House in 2015


New Year’s Resolution: Get Even Greener in 2015 green new years resolutions

Resolutions don’t just have to be for New Years. You can resolve yourself all year long to find new ways to be eco-friendly. Coming up with practical and easy ways to change your routine is a great way to create meaningful change that will last.

Looking ahead at the vast expanse of 2015, here are some ways you can make your house, your life, and your world, greener than ever before. Continue reading

How to Recycle What’s Left Over After the Holidays


Post-Holiday Crash Is an Opportunity for Eco-Friendliness

holiday recycling

After the excitement and stress of the holidays, many of us find ourselves awash in a sea of cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and other waste. No one wants the joy of the season to suddenly be tainted by the guilt of putting more trash into the world. So what is the eco-conscious reveler to do?

There are many ways of curbing the amount of waste one is left with after the season is over. This article will go over some strategies to make recycling during this time of year simpler, easier, and even fun. Continue reading

A Healthy Home Is a Green Home


Taking Care of Your Home for the Holidays

green healthy home

Making sure your loved ones stay healthy and safe is a central priority for just about every human on the planet. When we conjure up the many threats that face ourselves and those we care about we often believe bad guys, disasters, and other by-products of a big and dangerous world will be to blame. But the best place to start when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of your family is not without, but within the home. Not only are accidental injuries and deaths more likely to happen there than anywhere else, sick building syndrome is becoming a growing problem, especially in America’s urban cores. Luckily there are ways to reduce the effects of SBS and believe it or not, they can leave a home greener than it was before.

The following is a quick list of tips to eliminate sick building syndrome from your home and make it more eco-friendly at the same time. Continue reading

Solar Roofing Gains Popularity With Solar Shingles


New Solar Shingles Pave the Way for Future Solar Growth

solar shingles

Until quite recently, if you wanted to take advantage of the plentiful renewable energy beating down on your rooftop on a daily basis, solar panels were the only way to go.

Photovoltaic panels are still very popular, and for good reason. They’re constantly becoming more efficient and affordable, and today’s solar panels pay for themselves in only a matter of years. They’re now able to take advantage of ambient light, making them a feasible source of electric power in regions not blessed with constant sunlight. Plus, they’re much more environmentally friendly than getting your electricity from coal, and they don’t have the catastrophic risk factors associated with nuclear power plants. Continue reading