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Easy Ways to Go Green is a green blog dedicated to providing you with practical, helpful information on living a greener life. From recycling tips to organic eating to raising your level of environmental consciousness, we do the research and fill you in on the information we find. Get a complete online yoga lesson with our own Yoga instructor, shop with us at local southern California farmers markets, and share with us your own experience of going green in your daily life.

Easy Ways to Go Green: Bringing you the latest, most complete, thorough and honest investigation into what is means and how best to bring eco-consciousness and total wellness into your life in daily practice. Online since April of 2008 and still going strong.

Consider partnering with us through joint ventures including but not limited to: swapping posts or exchanging guest posts; trading links; purchasing advertising on the site; sharing a product, story or company profile with us.

More About Easy Ways to Go Green

Easy Ways to Go Green is dedicated to providing insight and answers to many questions regarding the environment, nutrition, wellness, health, yoga, fitness, meditation and more. It is our mission at Easy Ways to Go Green to create a comprehensive conversation about a holistic program for healthy living, complete mindfulness and greater understanding of life’s most crucial concerns.

The Easy Ways to Go Green Mission

When it makes sense and it’s easy, people will take action. Healthy living makes sense to many, but there are countless others who are waiting for answers before they come aboard. Easy Ways to Go Green functions as a place where answers are collected, ideas are researched and proposed, and new questions are offered as starting points for intelligent and conscious action.

When Easy Ways to Go Green was first created, founder Matty Byloos was interested in many of the issues set up for discussion within the site, but was in no way a true expert on any of them. The proposal was this: why not open up a personal investigation into some of the most pressing issues facing people today, and perform the research in a mode of complete transparency?

In other words, create a web site that was essentially about the investigation into what it means to go green and live a healthy life.

Easy Ways to Go Green Tries to Answer Important Questions

Certain questions immediately came to mind; there was a host of initial topics that begged for inclusion into Easy Ways to Go Green. How could one dedicate themselves to more mindful stewardship of the planet and the environment, and attempt to make it easy for others to join in that cause? How could one investigate a practice of yoga, and offer insight and information for others in a similarly novice position a means by which they might take up a practice as well?

Could providing an insightful forum actually increase awareness, and move readers to shift their consciousness on things such as the benefits of eating organic produce, understanding sustainable building and planning, meditating and “going green” as a realistic, practical approach to life? Easy Ways to Go Green stands as an answer to these questions and more.

The Purpose of Easy Ways to Go Green  – Creating a Conversation for All

The purpose of Easy Ways to Go Green is to stimulate thought through mindful, purposeful inquiry. Participation is not only welcome – it’s considered mandatory. You can send links of articles or recipes to friends and family, share the wealth of resources presented in daily postings, bookmark and link to articles using social networking avenues, leave feedback or comments directly related to material on the site, or offer up your own services as a writer and concerned, conscious citizen. Further, consider becoming a partner with Easy Ways to Go Green, and add our helpful green content widgets to your own website.

Let us know something you’d like to see on the site, or propose an article of your own that you’d like to see included in the conversation at Easy Ways to Go Green. It is our goal to stimulate, provoke, increase awareness and foster total health for as many participants as possible.

Spread the word and help to build a community that you will be directly responsible for – sustaining, growing and developing a unique proposition for complete health and awareness: Easy Ways to Go Green.

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  7. I didn’t see anything on your site about fundraising and how it can be made green. It’s a really great way to share the eco friendly message with a wide group of people on a very personal level.

  8. Expose your green side, and share green activities while learning new ways to be green.

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