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Advertising on Easy Ways to Go Green
Easy Ways to Go Green is currently accepting featured advertisers. As you can see in the right hand navigation (sidebar at far right on every page of the site), we have included a vertical row for advertiser buttons that spans the entire height of every page and post. These advertisements are square-formatted, standard 125 X 125 pixel buttons, and can be doubled to maximize your exposure (125 pixels wide by 250 pixels high).

At the top in the header section of the site, there is a second advertising opportunity. The size of this banner advertisement ranges from 728 pixels wide X 90 pixels high UP TO 930 pixels wide X 90 pixels high.

Advertising Specs and Site Metrics on Easy Ways to Go Green

The traffic on Easy Ways to Go Green is entirely SEARCH oriented AND organically generated. What does that mean? In a nutshell, the visitors to the site tend by and large to come from Google and other search engines because they have specifically looked for niche-related products, information and articles. Targeted, highly optimized traffic that will respond to your eco-friendly and environmentally aware products and services when you advertise on the site.

Advertising Rates on Easy Ways to Go Green

For information and to work out a special advertising package, please contact us directly for details and pricing, so that we may be of more specialized service to you.

Typically, we prefer to bundle advertising packages in multi-month deals. Three-, six- and twelve-month packages can be agreed to. If you need assistance with graphic design, we are available to assist you with that as well.

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