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Five Easy Tips On Saving Energy At Home

Saving on Power Bills

save money on power bills

Everyone these days is looking for tips on how to save money. Since our homes are our biggest expense, lowering the cost of operating it is a good way to save. Energy expenses like electricity, gas and water account for the largest percentage of the average household budget. Finding creative ways to save energy makes sense when you are trying to cut back on costs. Continue reading

Using Technology to Reduce Energy Costs

Green Gadgets Save the Day by Offering Energy Efficiency for the Home

energy efficiency

For lovers of all things gadgetry, there’s a bit of a potential impasse when it comes to adding one more electronic device to the home or office, while still maintaining a sense of responsibility to the environment and keeping an eye on the power bills that end up in the mailbox. But never fear. The age of the green gadget is here, so collect the gadgets and learn how to save some money on your energy use while you’re at it. Not a bad proposition, then, is it?

If you keep a flash light under the kitchen sink in case of a power outage, then consider replacing the flash light or lantern one you’ve got with an eco-friendly version. Many combine renewable energy sources such as wind-up power and solar cells for recharging. Continue reading

Savings Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Energy Efficiency in the Home: Tankless Water Heaters

benefits of tankless water heater

If you’re looking for improved efficiency in the home, and you’ve already done your home energy audit, replaced old windows and doors, insulated the attic and or basement and more, the next place to turn is definitely your water use. With plenty

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of researchers already telling of water shortages in the near future, does it really make sense to waste water on extra long showers? Probably not.

But there’s more that can be done to reduce water use and to make the most out of the energy that goes into heating the water we use, especially when you consider ever-developing new water heater technology. If you’re home doesn’t yet have a hybrid or tankless water heater, and you’re still using a conventional water heater to keep hot water available in the home, it’s time to take a look at upgrading. And it doesn’t have to put you out of pocket for thousands and thousands of dollars, either. Continue reading

Top Tips on How to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Headed for Another Serious UK Winter… Be Prepared

wood chip and pellet boiler

The autumn/winter season is upon the UK, and with it comes blustery winds and cold temperatures. Last year the country suffered icy lows and lots of snow, and it is predicted that home and business owners should brace themselves for another winter that is full of widespread heavy snowfall and below average temperatures.

The wintry climate has its pros and cons; children love to play in the snow and make snowmen, and it can be extremely cozy cuddling up to loved ones by a lit fire. However, there are negatives too, such as dangerous driving conditions — but surely, one of the biggest downfalls is the rise in energy bills. Continue reading

Panoptix™ by Johnson Controls: The Solution for Building Efficiency

Is Panoptix™ Actually the Solution for Building Efficiency?

Panoptix Solutions by Johnson Controls logo

According to the Johnson Controls website, “The Panoptix™ solution puts an ever-expanding suite of apps, Live Guide™ experts, services and a connected community at your disposal.” And because of these features, “building efficiency has never been easier.” So just exactly what is the Panoptix by Johnson Controls?

Around the web, it seems that Panoptix™ is referred to as “an innovative, new approach to building efficiency to help building owners and operators achieve desired outcomes for their buildings.” So we dug around to see what we could find for our Green Tech and Green Gadgets audience.

Panoptix™ is all about complete building efficiency. In a nutshell, the owner of a building can optimize the efficiency of that building at the touch of his or her fingertips. And the solution here also means that not only is it easy to do, it’s also more cost-effective than it’s ever been in the past. Continue reading

Clean Energy Works Oregon

Clean Energy Works Oregon: Who They Are

Join the Future with Clean Energy Works Oregon. A new nonprofit that helps energize your homes by making energy efficiency upgrades affordable and easy. Continue reading