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How You Can Make 2017 A Little Greener

Coming Up With a Green 2017 Resolution

green nye resolution

2016 was admittedly a rough year for most and as such, many people are looking forward to 2017 in hopes of a brighter future. Well, you can play a large role in that, and a considerable one, in fact.

Now, you may not be able to have an effect on politics or the economy or put an end to terrorism. However, you can play a big part in making sure that Earth is chugging along for just a little bit longer.

If you really are hoping for a better year, try getting family, friends, and even colleagues involved in your conservation attempts. Here are some ways to kickstart 2017 off the right (and green) way. Continue reading

The 10 Best Eco Friendly Gifts to Buy for Your Family This Christmas

Going Green and Helping Others to Do the Same This Year
Green and gold Christmas baubles and stars nestling in sparkling tinsel for a decorative seasonal background

You want to get your family the best gifts ever, so they will love you unconditionally and not be irked when you forget to call grandma on her birthday (and have not done for the past few years…?) and also possibly do some of your chores that are still somehow your chores even though you haven’t lived at home for the past 10 years. Like empty the trash, once it is literally overflowing.

You also want to get gifts that will not set off your liberal arts cousin who wears only hemp sweaters and vegan clogs. We have compiled a list of the 10 best eco friendly gifts to buy for your family this holiday, so Liz can get off her high horse!

Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Going Green Benefits Your Wallet Too

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Live?

For better or worse, money motivates a lot of people to do things they may or may not actually want to do. If you’ve not yet gotten bit by the little green bug, and the health of the entire planet somehow escapes you when it comes to solid enough motivation to act, then how about the green that’s in your bank account? Or more precisely, the green that should be in your bank account, but you’re spending it foolishly instead, by not “going green.”

Going Green Infographic




Green Tips for Disabled and Injured Individuals

Chronically Injured or Disabled? Go Green Today!

green tips for disabled people

It’s not easy being green when you are disabled or chronically injured. Not surprisingly, it is difficult to focus on developing environmentally-sustainable habits when you’re faced with difficult medical decisions, painful treatments, the side effects of medication, and the complexities of battling against disability denial when your benefits are withheld.

Of course disabled and injured individuals want to be able to do their part for the planet and build a sustainable lifestyle despite the restrictions imposed by decreased mobility or other challenges—and they can! Today, we take a look at several ways to go green, no matter where you’re at in life or personal health. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Consumer Spending and Going Green

How Your Money Matters When You Take Steps to Go Green

As more and more people become savvy about saving the environment and taking concrete steps to improve the health of the planet, some things come to light. First, it’s a tough haul, cleaning up the mess of past generations. Next, while optimism is nice, it’s seeming more and more like we won’t be able to undo the damage we’ve already caused  — instead, mitigating current damage and preserving things into the future seems the best place to put one’s eco-energy.

Making gradual changes in one’s life for the betterment of the planet and on a daily basis, however, can go a long way, especially as the collective effort of many all over the globe. Today we share with our audience another great infographic detailing the relationship between going green, and saving or spending money. Where you put your dollars goes a long way toward tending for the planet, as you’ll quickly find out in the graphic. Continue reading

Getting Your House to Be More Energy Efficient

Three Simple Ways to Green the Home You Live In

guide to a green homeThink about it. Getting the home you live in to be a more green environment can benefit you in many ways, not the least of which happens to do with your bank account. That’s right. Going green in the house can result in hundreds of dollars worth of savings each month, so if you haven’t found the motivation in the environment at this point, then consider finding it in your wallet. Because that’s exactly where the cash you’re gonna’ save will end up, and just for a little bit of effort, too. Here’s a few simple suggestions to get the house more green.

Let’s start with a little bit of research, in order to see if your local government offers any kind of incentive for home energy improvements. If you contact your gas or electric company, often times they will have an incentive program that allows you to improve energy efficiency while bettering the planet in the process. By looking on the websites of your utility companies, there really is no telling what you’ll find. Last, when you’re looking for some money or financial incentives to get the green jobs around the house done, think about trade affiliations, or things like someone in your household having a military background, as things like VA home energy efficient improvements incentives and loans exist for veterans. Continue reading