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Like to Gamble? Go Green by Moving Online

Looking for Another Way to Go Green With Your Money?

online gambling for the environment

It’s hard to argue with the appeal of a brick and mortar casino. The bright lights, the cocktail servers in their special outfits, the free drinks, the additional amenities, the extra oxygen pumped through the ventilation system to keep you happy at gambling, all these brilliant bits add up to a great casino experience – one in which you may not really mind parting with most of the contents of your wallet.

But the casino experience comes with a greater expense than you may not have considered: the cost to the environment. Continue reading

Why Can’t I Pump My Own Gas in Oregon?

Do Full Service Gas Stations in Oregon Have to Do With the Environment?

gas station attendant oregon

If a drive through the state of Oregon, or a recent move to the city of Portland or Eugene, for instance, has ever found you amazed at the return of the quaint and old-tyme gas station attendant, who in many cases, won’t even let you exit your vehicle unless it is to pay inside, then perhaps you’ve been curious about why. Why are all gas stations in the state of Oregon full service? It is true. Only the two states of Oregon and New Jersey have this law in effect, and it is indeed a legislated reality, that all gas stations are full service state-wide. But why? A recent road trip down to California had me wondering, as I realized it’d been a while since I did my own work at the gas station, and I kind of missed it!

I wondered about natives in the state of Oregon. I remembered associating so much pleasure with my first year’s worth of fill-up trips down to the gas station when I finally turned 16 and started driving. It was part of the rite-of-passage element that inevitably goes along with driving a car by yourself.

So did Oregon and New Jersey residents just fore-go the pleasure? Did they literally never realize what it was like to pump your own gas? Had some of them, indeed quite a lot of them, never ever pumped gasoline into their car ever? Ever ever? I wanted to know why you can’t pump your own gasoline in the state of Oregon, and so I did the research. Continue reading

Solar Panels and Major League Baseball

Solar Panels Go Major: The Greening of the American Professional Sports Stadium
Major League Baseball Green Stadiums
E / The Environmental Magazine has provided definitive proof that solar cells are not merely a part of an underground, counter-cultural movement. Doug Moss reports that Major League Baseball Stadiums are now greening their stadiums with solar energy. You heard that right.

Installation of Solar Cells at Cleveland Indians’ Progressive Field

The Cleveland Indians were the first Continue reading

Water Conservation? Sloan Waterless Urinal

Sloan Waterless Urinals: How It Works

I had lunch at a local restaurant the other day, the Metro Cafe in Culver City, and apparently didn’t realize that they had made some commitments to the environment. Seems a worthwhile mission for any restaurant to take up as part of their operating procedures, given the processes that any restaurant by necessity has to repeat over an over every day. Napkins and paper use, electricity, water use, choosing organic food supply and more.

Sloan Waterless Urinal 1

So when I went to use the restroom, I noticed they had installed “waterless” urinals, made by a company called Sloan. I got curious and did some research. Here’s how they work: There is a cartridge that Sloan places in the bottom of the urinal, the trap of which is then filled with only a half-liter of water before it is sealed. The cartridge does all the work of the urinal: directs flow, prevent odors from escaping, collects sediment and allows safe passage of waste down the drain. Each cartridge allows for 7,000 uses per day.
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