EPA Air Permits for Arctic Ocean Drilling Fail the Environment

Tuesday, 29 November 2011, ENews Park Forest

ANCHORAGE, Alaska–(ENEWSPF)–November 29 –

Arctic Oil Drilling Rig on IceWith the last few years’ worth of man-made environmental devastation and destruction as their fuel, a wide-reaching coalition of protesters raised the attention of the U.S. EPA. It seems the department’s recent approval of Shell Oil’s Kulluk drilling unit air permit (Nov. 28, 2011), was another in a long line of “last straws.”

The appeal to the Environmental Appeals Board has its voice heard only one month after the groups filed a similar appeal. Last time, more air pollution permits issued to Shell (that time for their Discoverer drill ship) rustled environmentalists’ feathers. In terms of their purpose, Shell’s vessels are set to drill in remote, icy and fragile waters of the American Arctic Ocean starting next summer.

The broad coalition of supporters released the following statement:

“Approving the Kulluk and Discoverer permits may set an important precedent for other companies seeking to conduct exploration drilling, and the EPA has not complied with the law. The EPA’s approval of the air permits is a green light from the agency for dangerous offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean as early as summer 2012. Drilling for oil in the remote and often dangerous waters of the Arctic Ocean, where 20-foot swells and hurricane-force winds accompany months-long winter darkness, is being approved despite an acknowledged lack of basic science and preparedness. Were drilling to result in an oil spill, clean-up could be nearly impossible, as the Coast Guard and other experts acknowledge.”

Read the rest: Appeal filed challenging decision to allow Kulluk drilling unit to proceed with drilling next summer

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