6 Devices to Consider for Healthy Plant Growth


Getting the Most out of Indoor Plants During the Winter

maintaining healthy indoor plants during winter

To ensure healthy growth of indoor plants that need low light, you need to be aware about the latest technological developments that increase their lifespan and provide a healthy growing environment. Here are some latest plant technology items you may want to consider.

1. Compact Fluorescent Plant Grow Low-Heat Systems

You can go for this technology which has been expanded for low heat indoor plant growth lights. This lightning system produces fluorescent light for that is good for growing orchids, leafy vegetables, leafy plants, seeds and seedlings.

2. Oasis Self-Watering System

This automatic watering system can water 7-11 plants over a whole week. Emitters and tubing are included. It operates on a 9 volt battery, and includes an LED indicator light, washable filter, rubber feet, a constant and a bistable solenoid valve.

3. EasyBloom Plant Sensor

This plant sensor gives you the ability to select locations depending upon the types of plants. It also gives plant care advice. The device has to be placed inside the soil for 24 hours, and you would get readings of temperature, humidity, sunlight, soil etc.

The sensor can then be connected to the computer, where it will match the data after analysis to more than 4500 plants. This would help you decide which plants are ideal for the soil.

4. Handheld Bug Zapper

You need to keep bugs away from your plants in order to ensure healthy growth. The handheld bug zapper keeps away insects without producing any toxins. The latest bug zappers come with a child safety switch. This device can be used in place of bug sprays, which account for a high percentage of the toxins produced.

5. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

This device, after connecting to a Wi-Fi network, is placed inside the dirt. It then measures soil moisture, temperature and light, and send the measured data to the computer. You’ve to download the app on your computer, and there’s also an iOS app available. It also gives you advice on how to care for the plants.

6. Hydroponic Systems

These systems include pH test kits, water pumps, self-watering containers and much more. Hydroponic system will allow your plants to be surrounded by clean air and healthy atmosphere, which is an optimal environment for growth. There are different types such as grow hydroponics, flood and drain hydroponics etc.

By keeping up to date with the newest technology, you’ll be ensuring healthy growth for your plants.

[Photo Via: sallystrove.hubpages.com]

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