Green Upgrades For Frugal Homeowners


What Can You Do to Green the Home on a Budget?

making your home green on a budget

You can gain many benefits by making your home greener. Some homeowners hesitate to pursue eco-friendly upgrades because they assume that these are expensive, but there are many small, inexpensive changes you can make to your home that have a positive impact on the environment and help reduce your expenses in the long run.

Small Green Changes Add Up 

Greener living doesn’t require installing solar panels or buying an electric car. You don’t even have to own the latest energy-efficient appliances. Little eco-friendly actions that often get overlooked can add up to major savings. Many of the items you can use to reduce your carbon footprint are affordable even without discounts. Some of them may already be in your home. 

It’s All About Energy 

Reducing energy costs is easier than you might think. Adding extra insulation to your attic prevents heat loss and saves on both your heating and cooling bills. Placing weather stripping around all exterior windows and doors will prevent drafts. Where weather stripping is not practical, simple, inexpensive caulk will also work.

Consider replacing your light bulbs with Energy Earth LED bulbs which can save you hundreds of dollars while also reducing the kilowatts of energy you use.

Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Greener Kitchen and Bath 

Install water aerators onto sink faucets. They cost around two dollars and will allow the same amount of water pressure while using less water. Water-conserving showerheads make an even bigger cut in water usage.

Instead of buying bottled water, buy a filtered water pitcher. You’ll have better tasting water for less money and you’ll create less plastic waste. Stop buying expensive commercial household cleaners. You can use simple, natural items like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice for most cleaning tasks. Instead of relying on paper towels, use fabric cloths for cleaning and handling food.

Paying for Essential Updates 

Unfortunately, sometimes the least eco-friendly choice is also the most affordable, especially when it comes to major renovations and repairs. This can create a dilemma for anyone with credit problems.

If you are faced with a mandatory update or repair and find your finances strained, few the problem as less of a blow to the wallet and more of an investment in the future. And if you’re observant you can pay it off with the money you save from your smaller green living efforts.

Choosing to make green updates in your home is not only important for your budget, but it is also important for the environment.  So if you are looking to reduce your costs without having to spend an excessive amount of money, such as that solar panels would require, consider giving a few of the aforementioned green updates.

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