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When Home Improvements Mean Energy Savings Too

Eternal Brand Residential Hybrid Tankless Water Heater

If you live in an older apartment building, condo, or house, chances are you’re still getting your hot water (for everything you do, from taking a shower to washing your dishes) from a relatively inefficient and older model standard water heater. If you’ve ever wondered why exactly it takes as long as it does for the hot water to actually get hot while you’re running the bathroom tap or drawing a bath, this may in part be explained by your water heater.

So what can you do to improve the situation around the home when it comes to hot water? Tankless water heaters have started to catch on more and more in recent years, with more homes considering the benefits of a tankless or hybrid model water heater as an alternative to the old-school style. But why? Are they really better? Should you consider making the switch? Let’s take a look at the details.

The Benefits to Having a Tankless or Hybrid Water Heater

Rather than using a giant tank within which the water is stored and consistently replenished as you use hot water in the home, tankless water heaters function exactly like the name implies — without a tank of water. Instead, tankless units heat the water that you need, exactly when you need it, and don’t take up extra space in your home to capture and maintain a large supply of hot water, which you may not actually need all the time.

When you turn on the hot water with a tankless or hybrid water heater, an gas- or electric-powered heat exchanger is triggered, thereby heating the water to a temperature that you control beforehand. You can opt for a small model that would control the hot water for a single outlet or water fixture, or choose a larger model that actually controls and supplies the hot water for the entire home. It’s up to you.

In many cases, buyers will have the option to exercise a government-sponsored tax credit that may amount to a substantial reduction in costs. With a tankless hot water heater, there is a never-ending water supply, and you save energy in the process, which will ultimately be reflected in your monthly power bills. In some cases, tankless water heater models have been rated at 98% efficiency levels, meaning very little energy is being wasted. In many instances, the water from a tankless unit is actually cleaner, too, since no water is being trapped and stored in an old metal tank.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then you may want to consider a hybrid model, like the Eternal Hybrid Water Heater, which includes the best options available for both tank and tankless models. There is a limited 2-gallon tank where hot water can be stored, unlike a typical 40+ gallon model that you may be used to seeing in a random “closet” somewhere in the home. Because of the smaller tank, you can run just a small amount of hot water from the faucet, rather than having the full onslaught of hot water that often comes with a tankless model.

And then the rest of the time, you end up using the tankless feature of this hybrid model in order to provide larger quantities of hot water to your home. All in all, a pretty terrific option, and one worth looking into if you’re considering making the switch to tankless, but have some doubts.

[Photo Via: Eternal Water Heater]

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