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Just in Time for the Holidays… Green Gadgets!

eco friendly and green gadgets

Being eco-friendly requires much more than simply turning off lights that are not in use and recycling paper. It involves doing research into new technology that is designed to be eco-friendly from the ground up. Environmentally conscious families are doing their part by putting these items to use in their own homes.

Even Jewelry Can Be Eco-Friendly

No matter what you happen to be purchasing, from light bulbs to jewelry, there are ways to ‘go green’. A perfect example of innovative ideas includes that of recycling computer circuit boards. Ordinarily circuit boards end up in landfills. However, they can be recycled to create pendants, which happen to be great gifts for computer nerds, or they can be used for other creative purposes, such as photo frames, card holders and clocks.

Solar Power Rocks

In simple terms solar power is energy that comes from the sun, which is converted into electricity or heat. Solar power is a renewable energy source. It is clean and pollution-free. Modern technology has made it possible for solar power to be used in some amazing ways. For instance, solar-powered insect killers and deck and garden lights are available.

Eco-Friendly Re-Use of Gray Water

Gray water is water that comes from baths, showers, sinks and laundry appliances. Re-using this water is a great way to conserve water, which means there is less demand on sewage and water treatment plants. This results in savings for average homeowners.

New gadgets are constantly being designed to aid in this recycling process. Innovative ideas include removable kitchen sinks, siphon hoses and pumps, and even gadgets designed to recycle water for toilet flushing. Recycled gray water can be used for watering plants and gardens. Just be sure to use environmentally friendly soaps and laundry products.

Seasonal Gadgets

Some eco-friendly devices tend to be ‘seasonal’. Examples of this include solar powered insect killers and removable kitchen sinks. These items will obviously be used more during warm summer months than during the cold months of winter. Therefore, some families may need to consider creative storage options for the gadgets.

Self-storage units are perfect for keeping items safe and out of the way when they are not needed. For example, in Orlando, FL storage is a great option to keep their summer items safe during the off seasons. You can even ‘go green’ when using storage units. For instance, re-using boxes you already have or that have been given to you is a wonderful way to help the environment. In fact, many boxes are made from recycled goods.

When packing your gadgets be sure to use recycled or recyclable materials for packing. Consider items in your own linen closet for example. Other simple ‘green’ tips include purchasing the right amount of storage space and choosing electronic payment options.

As new technology develops there will continue to be new and unique ways to go green. Keeping up with these innovations is best accomplished with the use of the Internet. You’ll learn about what’s new and what’s hot, which means you can judge for yourself which eco-friendly gadgets will best suit your needs.

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