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Five Easy Tips On Saving Energy At Home

Saving on Power Bills

save money on power bills

Everyone these days is looking for tips on how to save money. Since our homes are our biggest expense, lowering the cost of operating it is a good way to save. Energy expenses like electricity, gas and water account for the largest percentage of the average household budget. Finding creative ways to save energy makes sense when you are trying to cut back on costs. Continue reading

Six Tips to Save Money and the Planet by Going Green This Summer

Making Your Home a Green Sanctuary This Summer
Going green this summerDepending on where you live, your energy bills may be substantially lower during the summer months than the winter months, but it is still important to maximize your energy efficiency and maintain a green lifestyle in warm weather. By making a few small changes in your life, you will actually be able to save money while protecting the planet. These six tips have been designed to help you go green, save money, and reduce your environmental impact immediately.

1. Assess Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

A professional energy efficiency expert will help you determine which areas of your home need the most improvement. These experts can give you advice about things like which windows to replace and whether or not to buy new appliances. You can make small and affordable improvements right away as you start to save money for larger improvements. Continue reading